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Taiyoshi Hyakuban – Osaka, Japan

Taiyoshi Hyakuban opened in the The Taisho era over a century ago in western Japan’s largest red light district, Tobita Shinchi. Like many brothels of that time, it took the form of a ryōtei, a luxurious Japanese-style restaurant to avoid detection. Over time, it ceased its brothel activities and became a traditional Japanese restaurant. Historically, […]

THE BRAND LABO Co., Ltd. in Osaka, Japa...

OSAKA, Japan – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Innovative, lightweight and portable, this stylish and easy-to-use portable fireplace is the perfect partner for solo camping, bike camping, hiking, fishing, and other casual outdoor excursions. THE BRAND LABO is a startup that works with local workshops and manufacturers to create innovative products that deliver new value and revitalize […]