Do you like Asahi beer? Then the city of Suita in Osaka should be at the top of your travel list. This is where Asahi’s predecessor (Osaka Brewery, Ltd) built its very first brewery in 1891, which still exists today as the Asahi Breweries Suita Plant.

Beer lover or not, the factory is easily one of Osaka Prefecture’s most fascinating attractions, with free tours of the expansive facility to guide you through the process of making any of the beers. most popular in the world. Now the factory has become much more exciting with the opening of the Asahi Beer Museum.

Photo: Asahi Beer Museum

With a facade that incorporates the red brick wall of the original brewery, the Asahi Beer Museum offers comprehensive exhibits dedicated to its namesake beer as well as the history of the beverage giant. Facilities include a cinema where you can watch videos about the past, present and future of Asahi Breweries, as well as the Super Dry Go Ride. This immersive exhibit (also available at Asahi’s Ibaraki Brewery) is designed to give you the perspective of a can of Super Dry beer as it moves through each piece of factory machinery before being packaged and shipped. This bit will probably make you thirsty for a pint, so it’s nice that the museum also has a lounge with a bar.

Photo: Asahi Beer Museum

This is not just any beer bar, beware. Playfully called the “Fla-bar,” this quirky space gives you the chance to pour your own draft beer from the tap and decorate it with foam art. You can even adjust the ABV and add fruity flavors to the beer depending on the kind of refreshment you crave.

There’s a lot of ground to cover here, so you might consider joining a museum tour (about 70 minutes) that includes two beer tastings. Note that while museum visits are free, availability is limited. As of this writing, there are no more slots in May. Reservations for tours in June will open online May 20.

Discover the brewery website for more details.

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