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MEET LITTLE TOKYO: TaNoTa Takoyaki – Sha

TaNoTaTakoyaki opened their brick-and-mortar Little Tokyo in 2018, but they’ve been part of the neighborhood as a food truck since 2010. It was originally started by three surfing friends, Takeo, Nori and Taichi (hence TaNoTa). Takeo is now the sole owner of the brick and mortar storefront at Japanese Village Plaza. Sharing the same space […]

“In Osaka, food is not a function – it i

II walked around Osaka Castle, doused pretty shrines with water, and gazed at pink cherry blossoms, but this is the time I treasure the most. In front of me is a huge bowl of udon – lengths of thick, chewy noodles in a tub of steaming broth, with two giant tempura shrimp tucked into the […]

Gold-dusted ice cream, takoyaki unli and...

OSAKA – 500 kilometers from bustling Tokyo, Osaka Prefecture is a foodie’s paradise, especially seafood lovers. From Pikotaro-themed cookies to unlimited takoyaki, our list of food finds in Osaka can go on and on and on, but we’ve limited it to ten dishes for your reading (and possible future reference). 1. Pikotaro themed cookies Do […]