There’s a new little mobile pop-up in town called Osaka-Eki. The vendor specializes in Japanese-style street food. They had been out at Chainlink Gallery Place, and I decided to drop by during the first week of food trucks at the downtown creative space.

Cash/cards accepted

This blog will be quite brief as it was their first day at Chainlink Gallery Place. Looks like they were just testing the waters and had a menu item, doggoyaki. It was a grilled hot dog topped with takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, roasted seaweed, smoked bonito, tempura pearls, pickled red ginger and green onion.

The doggoyaki was two for $10. It was a nice little meal. I enjoyed their hot dog twist on the Japanese snack dish, takoyaki. To be honest, I would have preferred takoyaki, but that’s all they had on the menu that day.

Osaka Eki ICT

They said they plan to introduce more dishes over time, which I would probably expect if I were to return. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot dogs and had nothing wrong with their dish, but I wouldn’t mind seeing any other Japanese street food they have.

Here is the menu they had that day.

Osaka Eki ICT

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