Nintendo will be opening a new official physical store in Osaka, Japan in late 2022. The new store will appear at Daimaru Umeda, one of the city’s most well-known department stores, located near Osaka Station.

Nintendo Osaka will be the company’s second permanent official store in Japan. Its first store in Tokyo is located in the Shibuya Parco Mall, which opened in November 2019. The company previously opened pop-up stores in Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Hiroshima and Hokkaido. However, these stores only opened temporarily in the summer of 2021. Outside of Japan, Nintendo also has an official store in the United States in New York.

Daimaru Umeda Department Store is not a new name for fans of Pokemon in Osaka. It is home to the city’s first physical Pokemon Center store on the 13th floor since 2010.

The Japanese games company has yet to reveal more details about Osaka’s new store, other than the planned launch location and window. However, he confirmed that the Osaka store will sell Nintendo’s consoles, games, accessories and related merchandise, as will the Tokyo store. Nintendo has already released products related to Mario, Yoshi, Pikmin, and the Koroks of THE Legend of Zelda.

The Nintendo Osaka Store will appear in Daimaru Umeda towards the end of 2022.