OSAKA, Japan – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Innovative, lightweight and portable, this stylish and easy-to-use portable fireplace is the perfect partner for solo camping, bike camping, hiking, fishing, and other casual outdoor excursions.

THE BRAND LABO is a startup that works with local workshops and manufacturers to create innovative products that deliver new value and revitalize local economies.

For this project, we teamed up with Plan Co., Ltd., which operates the specialty aluminum brand [ALUMINO]. The company is based in the manufacturing city of Yao, Osaka.

An ultra-compact portable fireplace that fits in your pocket [ALPHA BONFIRE]



The size of a smartphone and only 5mm thick

You may even forget you are wearing it


Ultra-compact and specialized for solo camping


Knife, fork, chopsticks and grill plate

Many possibilities in one portable unit


Refined and calculated design


Made of corrosion and rust resistant stainless steel

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press kit