Craving fried chicken?

If we’re going to make a list of the best comfort foods, we bet fried chicken will be among the many dishes to top the list. Its crispy exterior and juicy meat are so addictive that we can’t help but feast on it if we can all day. Although it is humbly served with rice and mashed potatoes on the side, it is a true classic favorite, fried chicken today comes in many different forms. And if you’re looking for new fried chicken dishes, look no further than Chicken United.

Dinakdakan with chicken, curry burger and garlic parmesan

Led by foodpreneur Alfonso Ang Hortaleza, the idea behind Chicken United came at a time when many beloved food establishments were closing due to the pandemic. Taking matters into his own hands and wanting to bring soulful comfort food back to Pinoy palaces, he launched his brand in Manila.

“Through Chicken United, we wanted to bring joy and that feeling of fun and surprise back to our pagsasalo,” says Alfonso. “When it comes to meals, Filipinos really come together. In this time of division, Chicken United aims to bring people together through shared plates.

What foodies will find in the brand is its breaded fried chicken, which comes in nine different flavors and is available in orders of 6 and 12 pieces (thighs or wings). The signature fried chicken comes with specially prepared sauces, such as Dinakdakan, Korean Gochujang, Drunk BBQ, Bradford Curry, New York Buffalo and Honey Sriracha.

Also, a staple on its menu is the Sauced Up Fried Chicken, which includes Osaka Takoyaki (best seller) and Garlic Parmesan – all sure to be favorites, even among your picky eaters.

Other meat dishes include Chicken United’s burgers, chicken curry, and honey garlic kimchi, which showcase a perfectly cooked chicken tenderloin topped with greens on a brioche bun. soft.

Also, refuel by complementing your main courses with different sides like coleslaw, mac and cheese, cheese dynamite and hearty dirty rice.

“For peace of mind, grab a piece of Chicken United. Find the perfect flavors, textures and bites,” concludes Alfonso.

Chicken United recently opened its Marikina Cloud Kitchen to cater to a larger market. To order, message 0976 035 3869. For more information, visit