We’ve been clamoring to go to Japan for what seems like forever. Fortunately, they plan to open their borders to foreign tourists at the end of the month – tourists from only four countries, including Singapore. And now for equally brilliant news: Time Out Market will open its doors for the first time in Asia with Osaka Time Out Market.

It is scheduled to open in 2025, as part of the second area of ​​Umekita, a new urban development located just opposite Osaka Station. Since this is the same year that Osaka will host the World Expo, expect a lot of buzz surrounding Japan at that time.

Photography: Developer of the 2nd Umekita project

At Time Out Market Osaka, expect a selection of the city’s top chefs and restaurateurs, award-winning mixologists and rising stars in entertainment. The market will span over 31,000 square feet (that’s half a football field!), so you can be sure visitors will get a taste of Osaka’s best.

As one of the most popular travel destinations for Singaporeans before the pandemic, we all know that Osaka is a culinary city filled with an endless variety of dishes. It’s called ‘kuidaore’ which means ‘too much good food to eat’ – it’s not a problem for us at all.

Downtime market
Photography: Filip Wolak

Time Out Market is our very own food and culture market, and we’ve caused a stir around the world for our top-notch food and drink selection. Time Out Market Osaka is our most recently announced market, joining established markets like Lisbon, Miami, New York, Boston, Montreal, Chicago and dubai.

To verify everything you need to know about Time Out Market here.

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