So much of our travels, from museums to historic neighborhoods to re-enactments, are an attempt to step back into the past. The same goes for coffee table books, whether they’re photos of Paris by Marville or Hollywood’s Golden Age. That’s why our latest pick for Just Booked, our series on gorgeous coffee table travel books, is the latest in Taschen’s series on various turn-of-the-century destinations—Japan 1900.

The extra large book is filled with over 700 photos from the late 19th century and early 20th century and has been lightly colorized. They capture a Japan as it slowly opens up to the world and becomes a major stop on steamboat routes (so popular that the word globetrotter was coined to describe its Western visitors).

There are fabulous photos of the ever-bustling Osaka and Yokohama’s mixed architecture. The artisan shops in the narrow lanes are much of what visiting Japan was like in those days, so of course there are pictures of that. But the natural beauty is particularly captivating, from nearly empty bays to glorious Mount Fuji, and of course, plenty of cherry blossoms.

Yokohama, Cherry Blossoms at Nogeyama, Kusakabe Kimbei, c. 1890.

Former Marc Walter/Photovintage France Collection. Courtesy of TASCHEN.