Eggwich, otherwise written as egg’wich, is a new type of hamburger that replaces hamburger buns with eggs. It has recently gained attention as a healthy alternative to conventional bread burgers because it allows you to increase your protein intake while reducing your sugar intake.

It was created in the United States, so it may be surprising to learn that the first specialty egg store does not open in San Francisco or New York but rather halfway around the world in Osaka, Japan. .

Don’t worry Egg’wich

The world’s very first specialty egg store, Don’t Worry Egg’wich, will open on November 24 in Osaka.

Photo: Public relations time

Don’t Worry Egg’wich uses its own original recipe to make egg buns with a light, chewy texture and a moderately sweet taste. Between these egg buns, 100% juicy beef patties, crispy fresh lettuce and tomatoes chosen for their moderate acidity, for a delicious and nutritionally balanced combination.

One Don’t Worry Egg’wich eggwich contains just 9.7 grams of sugar and 228 calories, while still containing 23.6 grams of protein. They are also excellent from the point of view of PFC balance. In other words, just like the name of the store suggests, you don’t have to worry when you sink your teeth into one of their delicious egg sandwiches.

Example of menu selections

In addition to the standard eggwich which costs JPY 390 (pictured in the menu below), you can also order a cheese eggwich and a double-double with two 100% beef patties. Eggwiches can be ordered à la carte or as a set with fries and a drink.

Cheese Egg’wich

Price: 490 yen


Photo: Public relations time

Double double

Price: 690 yen


Entire menu


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